Interior doors

We offer the doors made to the dimensions you give.

The door is made by combining wood-MDF-wood with L-shaped skirtings which can be adjusted on both sides.

We make doors which are painted using the polyurethane paint, and there is a variety of door patterns as well as those veneered using beech, oak, cherry and walnut veneers.

The wood of the door is grooved and is made of fir wood which is placed longitudinally and faults in wood are not used. It is coated in MDF which is 6mm thick on both sides and cardboard honeycomb is used as a filling. The door is veneered with a natural veneer. 45 mm thick rounded doorposts are made of MDF-wood-MDF and are coated in natural veneer with a felt base to strengthen it. Doorposts are delivered cut at certain angles with holes drilled for wall plugs and screws for quick installation. L-shaped skirtings are semi-circular, 7cm wide and they enable further adjustment on both sides, the front side +2 cm and the inside +1 cm. They are cut at certain angles and fixed using cams which enable easy and quick fixation. The doors come with a built-in lock and cylinder. Machine built-in 3D hinges (AGB Italy) allow further adjustment of the door in all three directions without removing the door, using the imbus wrench. The door, doorposts and L-shaped skirtings are painted with the high quality polyurethane paint in three layers.