Certificates and Testimonials


FSC standard – international certification for wood from sustainable forests The company “UKRAS” has implemented the FSC standard, which confirms that it uses wood and wood materials that come from a strictly monitored chain, from the certified forest to processing and production. The company “UKRAS” has therefore agreed to harmonize production with international standards aimed at environmentally conscious, socially beneficial and economically sustainable business.  


The company “UKRAS” has been one of the most successful companies in the municipality of Despotovac and in the region for years. The company “UKRAS” has been awarded numerous prizes for its work. Oscar-Qualität One of the most important awards is the National Award for Business Excellence of Serbia in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises “OSCAR QUALITY” for 2012. IMS Policy statement: The policy of IMS “UKRAS” DOO is an integral part of the overall business policy of the organization, which is based on the establishment, implementation and maintenance of a market-oriented business system and the principles of quality management in order to fully meet the requirements, needs and expectations of customers and other users fulfill. Improving the integrated management system and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization’s overall business. The IMS policy is regularly reviewed and amended as necessary. Policy of IMS “UKRAS” DOO is based on:
  • Respecting our customers, understanding and balancing their needs and expectations and aligning it with the needs and expectations of our suppliers and employees to fully satisfy all parties.
  • Establish and communicate the organization’s vision and reinforce key values ​​to align the behavior of all employees in implementing the vision.
  • Involving all employees in the development of the organization, using their knowledge and experience, recognizing their contribution and providing an environment in which they are motivated to reach their full potential.
  • Acceptance of the process approach in business and process management as a unique system of interconnected processes that achieves all the goals of the organization.
  • identification of risks and opportunities, their impact and actions to eliminate risks or maximize perceived opportunities
  • Assessment of the requirements, needs and expectations of all parties (customers, service users, employees, suppliers, partners and society at large).
  • Ensuring the environment in which each person is motivated to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of product quality and effectiveness of processes and management systems.
  • Making decisions for a logical and intuitive analysis of the collected data, based where possible on precise measurements of product, process and system characteristics.
  • Developing alliances with our suppliers and working with them to improve performance together.
  • Implementation and continuous improvement of the integrated management system according to the SRPS requirements ISO 9001: 2015 and SRPS ISO 45001: 2018.
  • We continuously identify hazards and adverse effects and take action to continually improve employee health.
  • By using modern devices and technologies as well as preventive measures, we reduce possible risks to a minimum.
  • Monitoring and enforcing legislation that requires the use of safe and healthy work practices.
  • Ensuring a sustainable, healthy and safe work environment and minimizing potential risks;
  • Informing internal and external business partners and other stakeholders of their own commitment to protecting health and safety at work.
  • Compliance with legal regulations, particularly in the area of ​​health and safety at work
  • Advice and involvement of workers and their representatives on health and safety at work.

Veliki Popovic, July 30, 2019 years

Director “UKRAS“ doo