Ukras znak

“Ukras” was founded on 3rd March, 1970 as an independent carpenter’s workshop. Back then it was the founder’s ambitious vision to become a leader in the production of skirtings in the Balkans.

By increasing the volume of business, the need to found a company which could manage such volume of business was created. With so many years of experience, today “Ukras” represents a dynamic firm of modern business practices and a leading manufacturer of skirtings in our region. It is characterized by particularly high quality products and a very responsible approach to business.

The firm “Ukras” is located in the small town of Veliki Popovic, the municipality of Despotovac. It encompasses an area of 5,000 square metres and represents a modern factory with the equipment and machines of the most famous world manufacturers. Today “Ukras” has an annual production of over two million metres of various profiles of skirtings. Its products are sold in retail outlets in the country (Veliki Popovic, Svilajnac, Nis, Belgrade, Novi Sad) and exported to almost all the former Yugoslav republics.

The greatest recognition are its satisfied customers across the country and abroad.

Knowledge, experience, responsibility are successfully passed on from generation to generation.

“UKRAS DOO” quality policy is based on the following principles:

  • We respect out customers, understand and balance their needs and expectations with the needs and expectations of our suppliers and employees, all the while trying to satisfy all parties.
  • We establish and proclaim our vision and we point out the key values for guiding all our employees in conveying our vision through leadership.
  • We include our employees in company development. We use their knowledge and experience, recognize their contribution and provide the environment in which they are motivated to achieve their full potential.
  • We incorporate the process approach in our business management and manage our processes as a unified system of interconnected processes which achieves all the company goals.
  • We provide the working environment in which each person is motivated to continuously improve the product quality, effectiveness and efficacy of processes and the management system.
  • We base our decisions on a logical and intuitive analysis of gathered data, and when possible on the precise measurements of the product characteristics, processes and systems.
  • We create an alliance with our suppliers and work with them on joint performance improvement.
  • We continuously identify the hazards and take measures in order to permanently improve the health safety of our employees.
  • By using modern equipment and technology, as well as performing preventive actions, we reduce the possible risks to the lowest.
  • We follow and apply the legislative acts which demand the application of health and safety practice measures.

Veliki Popovic, 30.07.2019

“UKRAS“ doo